Factors shaping the implementation of the SAFE strategy for trachoma using the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research: a systematic review

While evaluations on the implementation of the SAFE strategy have been done, systematic reviews on the factors that have shaped implementation are lacking. This review sought to identify these factors.

Self-Reported Side Effects following Mass Administration of Azithromycin to Eliminate Trachoma in Amhara, Ethiopia: Results from a Region-Wide Population-Based Survey

This study looks at the prevalence of self-reported side effects was assessed among those who self-reported receiving azithromycin 3 weeks following the 2016 trachoma MDA in Amhara, Ethiopia

One drug to treat them all: ethical implications of the MORDOR trial of mass antibiotic administration to reduce child mortality

This study explores the ethics of mass azithromycin administration to reduce all cause mortality in children in light of issues related to rational antibiotic use and the adverse consequences of increased antibiotic resistance.

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