Prevalence of trachoma within refugee camps serving South Sudanese refugees in White Nile State, Sudan: Results from population-based surveys

Sudan has made progress in reducing the prevalence of trachoma within the country; however, the presence of over one million refugees from a neighboring trachoma hyper-endemic country could impact this progress. These surveys were the first step in addressing this important issue. 

Quality assurance and quality control in the Global Trachoma Mapping Project

This journal assess the Global Trachoma Mapping Project and concludes that it is possible to quality control and quality assure prevalence surveys in such a way as to maximize comparability of prevalence estimates between countries and permit high-speed, high-fidelity data processing and storage, while protecting the interests of health ministries.

Strengthening the links between mapping, planning and global engagement for disease elimination: lessons learnt from trachoma

The trachoma community undertook a systematic, three-pronged strategy to map trachoma district by district, develop national-level trachoma elimination plans, and create a framework for governments, donors and partners to convene and coordinate in support of trachoma elimination. 

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