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15 Nov 2018

The study aims to (a) identify future trachoma mapping needs in the Pacific and (b) to examine whether any temporal trends in trachoma prevalence could be ascertained from the historical literature on trachoma in the Pacific Islands.

Mapping, Prevalence
12 Nov 2018

This article reports findings from an infant adverse event survey in 1–5 month olds who received azithromycin as part of a large community-randomized trial in Niger.

Antibiotics, MDA
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09 Nov 2018
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Key messages for the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region from the 2018 GET2020 database as at 17 April 2018

08 Nov 2018

This document presents (i) the principles important to the design of trachoma prevalence surveys conducted after interventions intended to eliminate the disease as a public health problem, and (ii) WHO recommendations for their implementation.

Mapping, Prevalence, Surveillance
06 Nov 2018

This study used methodologies and systems for trachoma surveys considered to represent international best practice in order to generate reliable estimates of the prevalence of trachoma.

17 Oct 2018

This article looks at the contribution of Helen Keller International and its work to build the capacity of Ministries of Health to conduct community mobilization, mass drug administration campaigns, morbidity management, monitoring and evaluation for neglected tropical diseases.

History, NTDs
11 Oct 2018

This study explores the relationship between TF and PCR throughout an elimination program and a sero-catalytic model to evaluate the utility of two cross-sectional sero-surveys for estimating sero-conversion rates.

08 Oct 2018

This study assessed several methods for identifying a core group for trachoma, assuming varying degrees of knowledge about the transmission process. 

04 Oct 2018

This systematic review synthesises evidence on the emergence of antimicrobial resistance after mass azithromycin distribution.

Antibiotics, MDA