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15 May 2014
ICTC technical position on HEAD START, a surgical mannequin used in trchiasis surgery training.
Quality, Surgery, Trichiasis
07 Apr 2014
Originally posted in Community Eye Health Journal Vol.27
07 Apr 2014
Originally posted in Community Eye Health Journal Vol.27 No.85
Mapping, Surveillance
02 Apr 2014
Produced by Uniting to combat Neglected Tropical Diseases, this report describes progress made on NTDs over the last two years and highlights remaining gaps where action is still critically needed.
07 Mar 2014
The first in the series of WASH-NTD meta-analyses includes Eric Strunz's analysis on WASH.
Facial cleanliness & environmental improvement, Water, sanitation and hygiene
11 Feb 2014
The IAPB Essential Equipment list for screening and surgery for Trachomatous Trichiasis (TT) suggests a minimum set of items to perform high quality TT surgery under conditions prevalent in most endemic areas. It reflects the procedures and requirements outlined in the WHO’s Trichiasis Surgery for Trachoma (second edition, 2013) and is aligned with the conclusions and recommendations from the...
Quality, Surgery, Trichiasis
11 Feb 2014
This manual is designed to provide specific information for trachomatous trichiasis (TT) trainers who are training others to undertake surgery for entropion trachomatous trichiasis (TT).
Surgery, Trichiasis
20 Dec 2013
Originally posted in Community Eye Health Journal Vol. 26 No. 84
10 Dec 2013
This manual aims to equip WASH-implementing organizations with the knowledge they need to target their interventions to NTD-vulnerable communities; to engage in and promote collaborative monitoring for NTD-specific health outcomes and support them to communicate the impact of WASH on the NTDs for advocacy and policy change.
Facial cleanliness & environmental improvement, NTDs, Water, sanitation and hygiene
10 Dec 2013
O objectivo desta "caixa de ferramentas” é compartilhar  experiências  e  fornecer  aos  gestores do país, coordenadores regionais, e outros com as práticas preferidas do MDA para tracoma.
Antibiotics, MDA