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04 Jan 2019

This study explores the ethics of mass azithromycin administration to reduce all cause mortality in children in light of issues related to rational antibiotic use and the adverse consequences of increased antibiotic resistance.

Antibiotics, MDA
31 Dec 2018

This study estimates the prevalence of trachoma and access to water and sanitation in seven suspected-trachoma-endemic districts of northern Congo, surveyed as a single evaluation unit.

Mapping, Prevalence
31 Dec 2018

This study estimates the prevalence of trachoma in suspected-endemic areas of Chad and thereby determines whether trachoma is a public health problem requiring intervention.

Mapping, Prevalence
31 Dec 2018

This article assesses the impact of the Global Trachoma Mapping Project

21 Dec 2018

This study analyzes data from nine trachoma-endemic populations and provides operational thresholds for the interpretation of serological data in low-transmission and post-elimination settings.

21 Nov 2018

This article examines the landscape of efforts towards NTD integration across countries with the highest burden of disease and reviews the administrative management of integration in order to identify approaches and pathways for integration.

Integration, NTDs
15 Nov 2018

The study aims to (a) identify future trachoma mapping needs in the Pacific and (b) to examine whether any temporal trends in trachoma prevalence could be ascertained from the historical literature on trachoma in the Pacific Islands.

Mapping, Prevalence
12 Nov 2018

This article reports findings from an infant adverse event survey in 1–5 month olds who received azithromycin as part of a large community-randomized trial in Niger.

Antibiotics, MDA
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09 Nov 2018
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Key messages for the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region from the 2018 GET2020 database as at 17 April 2018