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03 Jun 2016
This study aimed to to examine the association of TLR4 Asp299Gly and MICA exon 5 microsatellites polymorphisms with severity of trachoma in a sub-Saharan East Africa population of Tanzanian villagers.
01 Jun 2016
Originally posted in Community Eye Health Journal Vol.29 No.93
Elimination, SAFE strategy
01 Jun 2016
This survey seeks to establish the impact of MDA with azithromycin on genital C. trachomatis.
19 May 2016
Assessment of the potential impact of a new double-dose antibiotic distribution strategy in addition to enhanced facial cleanliness (F) and environmental improvements (E).
Antibiotics, Facial cleanliness & environmental improvement, Sustainability
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12 May 2016
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The goal of this preferred practice manual is to provide a framework for how to conduct effective training of trichiasis case finders. It addresses all aspects of preparing for, and undertaking the training. It will guide you through identifying who can become a trainer, who you should train as a case finder and their roles and responsibilities as well as the training...
04 May 2016
A study presenting aspects of the epidemiological profile of trachoma in indigenous communities in Brazil.
16 Apr 2016
This preferred practice manual is to help patient counsellors gain the knowledge and skills needed to counsel patients that have trichiasis, and who may be offered trichiasis surgery. Counselling is not a one-off; people need to be adequately informed and have someone to hear their concerns throughout the management period. Good quality counselling of trichiasis...
Quality, Surgery, Trichiasis
15 Apr 2016
Originally posted in Community Eye Health Journal Vol.28 No.92
Cross border, Elimination
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05 Apr 2016
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The document outlines steps needed to conduct an analysis of the F&E situation within the context of the national trachoma prevention SAFE strategy. It is meant to be a first step to developing a programme approach to address F&E. It will need to be followed by district focused analyses to understand the partners, resources, and existing WASH, trachoma and F...
02 Apr 2016
The third progress report on the London Declaration by Uniting to Combat NTDs demonstrates that we are in a strong position to reach the global goals and thus achieve a better quality of life for the people at risk and affected by 10 NTDs.
NTDs, Scale up