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24 Apr 2018

This article posits that Neglected Tropical Diseases are some of the most cost-effective public health interventions in the world and should be a global priority. 

20 Apr 2018

This study compares two different frequencies of mass azithromycin distributions for trachoma to determine the causal relationship between antibiotic consumption and antibiotic resistance.

Antibiotics, MDA
16 Apr 2018

This study measures the impact of a school WASH intervention on infectious disease among pupils in Mali.

Water, sanitation and hygiene
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13 Apr 2018
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This joint open letter issued by six leading eye health agencies calls on Commonwealth leaders to commit to bringing eye care to all

SAFE strategy
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22 Mar 2018
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This guide for trainers of trichiasis surgeons contains information to help a trainer prepare for and lead a training workshop. It is intended to facilitate and standardize the process and quality of training new trichiasis surgeons and trichiasis surgeons who undergo refresher trainings. 

Cross-cutting technical resource, Surgery, Trichiasis
09 Mar 2018

This study presents latent class modeling results for comparison of antibody data obtained from three different Pgp3-based platforms – multiplex bead array, ELISA, and lateral flow assay.

01 Mar 2018

This study tested the reproducibility of a serologic test for antibodies to C. trachomatis pgp3

26 Feb 2018

This study demonstrates the extent of genomic diversity within a naturally circulating population of ocular Ct and is the first to describe novel genomic associations with disease severity.

26 Feb 2018

This study assesses mass Zithromax administration coverage, social mobilization and campaign challenges in south and southeast zones of Tigray, Ethiopia.

23 Feb 2018

The aims of this study are to determine the rates of seroconversion, and seroreversion (if any), in connection with trachoma and infection in a random sample of children age 1–9 years over a one year period in 50 communities in Kongwa Tanzania, where trachoma was formerly hyper-endemic.