ICTC partnership initiatives

Diverse and generous funders support national trachoma elimination programs, including their expansion to achieve GET 2020 objectives, through partnership initiatives with ICTC and its member organisations. Significant donors have included: Conrad N Hilton Foundation, Lions Clubs International Foundation, Pfizer, The Queen Elizabath Diamond Jubilee Trust, the UK Department for International Development and USAID.

The following partnership initiatives are being undertaken through consortiums of ICTC members:

The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust Trachoma Initiative 

Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust logo of a crown

In April 2014, ICTC launched a large-scale SAFE strategy initiative with funding from The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust, which granted £39.8m to combat blinding trachoma in Commonwealth countries in Africa and the Pacific. Contact Michaela Kelly for more information about the initiative in Africa and Chris Ostendorf about the initiative in the Pacific or visit www.endtrachoma.org for all the latest news. 

DFID's Trachoma SAFE Implementation Program 

UKAid logo

In June 2014, The Department for International Development announced a £39 million investment to help support the elimination of trachoma in countries like Ethiopia, Zambia and Tanzania where the disease is highly endemic. Contact Colin Beckwith for more information.

DFID's Global Trachoma Mapping Project 

GTMP logo of an eye

In July 2012, ICTC members launched the most extensive and successful disease mapping effort ever attempted, the DFID-funded Global Trachoma Mapping Project (GTMP), which aimed to comprehensively survey every suspected endemic district in the world. It was completed in January 2016, after surveyors collected data on 2.6 million people in 29 countries using Android smartphones – examining a staggering one person every 40 seconds on average. Find out more